Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Anything is entertainment these days.

At the moment its 12.29am and I'm watching television. There is a program about losing your virginity "Virgin School". We've got this man who is 26 who is unable to do the deed, so to speak. So now he's getting tuition to learn. There are a lot of points contained in the program which relate to society's values, which make this young man feel pressured to have sex. Firstly, a man who hasn't lost his virginity early ie. in their teens, is considered less of a man. For women, its different. A girl who loses her virginity in her teens runs the risk of being regarded as a tart and easy. Although society is a lot more tolerant of girls who lose their virginity later -- a lot of people still hold the ideal that a woman should abstain from sex before marriage.

The young man confesses that he is frightened that his private parts are inadequate because he's got nothing to compare it to. I can't blame him. Look at the men in movies. They are mostly sex-icons, big and ripped men who know exactly what to do to entice the opposite sex. How can a small, nerdy man compare to that when they aren't considered the "perfect man"? He's runty and unremarkable, not ugly but sooo plain you'd totally over look him.

That aside, this guy is a loser--not because he's a virgin @ 26, but because he just is. His main source of income is the local paper run. This can be attributed to the fact he's always been taunted by peers and felt inadequate compared to everyone else.

He has three coaches to tutor him. First one consults him, the second teaches him how to touch and receive touch (though she doesn't have sex). And the final tutor is the one who will take his virginity. All the women are rather old forty to sixty, so safe to say they're double his age. Though they are helping the man, at the same time, they aren't. They've arranged a situation where he's guaranteed to get laid, but in real life the chips don't fall into place.

But don't worry, he managed to be deflowered. So all ends well.

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Jay said...

Though they are helping the man, at the same time, they aren't.

Very good point, but after 26 years would you care? lol

Jay, canvas pictures

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