Wednesday, 24 June 2009

"Dead Snow" ?!?

I was just messing around on the net, as I usually do, when I came across the trailer for this movie called "Dead Snow" which is about a group of medical students who find themselves confronted by Nazi Zombies.

Its supposed to be horror/comedy, but I don't know whether to laugh or cry because it looks so stupid. I didn't think anything could surpass "Bikini Girls On Ice" as far as pointless bloodshed goes. 

So these students go for their Easter vacation to cabin up the mountains--what they don't know is that that mountain was occupied by Nazis during the occupation of Norway during WWII. Wow, how horror-esque. The producers must be patting themselves on the back for coming up with that (un)original plot. Anyway, the locals in Norway chased the Germans up the mountains (after getting sick of the Germans raping, pillaging and stealing their gold) where they froze to death. Et Voila! They turned into zombies to reclaim their gold.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Woo -- hoo!

End of semester-- Yay!!! I'll post the illustrations I handed in today just because I want to.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

People are so weird

I've been floating round again today and found some interesting stories. Firstly, a 38 year old British man was jailed for four years because he's been stalking girls on networking sites. He also seemed to have a fetish for them wearing Ugg boots. Anyway, they got him and psychiatric said he had an unusually high sex drive and would benefit from chemical castration. Now that is freaky. Does that mean that he'll have to have a chemical castration? Can the court of law say he has to?

I'm going to research it. Ooh, I  think I found a good site here. Okay, so it says chemical castration suppresses testosterone. They use the drug used for prostate cancer patients which reduces testosterone produced in the testes. Prozac also works for three months or so

"France has conducted tests using the prostate cancer drug Leuproreline to dampen the sex drive of offenders when they are released from prison."

Does this mean the French force sex offenders to take the drug?

Side effects seem to indicate that there is little known about this process, but it does reduce sex drive as well as making people lethargic and can trigger breast-like protrusions in men. The countries that do this are: Sweden, Denmark, canada, and eight US states to repeat sex offenders.

But isn't that against human rights to force this upon people even if they are sex offenders? We don't remove wombs from mothers who beat or kill their children. 

According to the U.S. Constitution: Eighth Amendment, excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. Reference. Wouldn't castrating a man be cruel? It would make them feel damaged, so why does eight states do this practice?

Now I'm not saying rapists are good people or that they do or don't deserve chemical castration, but wouldn't this be bad for rapists from a mental point of view? For most rapists, it's not about the sexual act but the need to prove their dominance and feel like a man. If you took a rapists sex drive away, then they would have feelings of impotency which would feed their need to assert their manliness over another person. It's not solving the problem, is it?

In Poland, they want to impost compulsory chemical castration on pedophiles. What may have motivated this decision ins the incest cast near eastern Polish village of Grodzisk where a 45 year old man was allegedly sexually abused his 21 year old daughter for six years. The poor woman seems to have sired to children with him.

The news appalled Tusk. "I don't believe that such individuals, such creatures, can be called human," he said. "In this case one can't even argue on behalf of human rights." He wants to impose "chemical castration" as a punishment in Poland. In his words, castration would not come "at the request of the convict, but rather as a part of the verdict." The forced punishment would apply "mainly to pedophiles, particularly those who have no hope of reform." Reference.

Oh, I think I've found my answer: Great Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany already offer convicted child molesters the option of "chemical castration," but only on a voluntary basis and if administered by a qualified psychotherapist. In Germany, sex offenders have the legal right to psychotherapy.

It doesn't explain if America makes it a compulsory, but since Poland is the first to attempt this one can assume that America makes it a voluntary thing too.

Anyway, I found the article on that girl who requested three stars and got 56 instead. Holy cow it looks ugly. But beside that, how the hell do you fall asleep and "accidentally" receive that many more! I think she's lying on the account of a few points.
1. Getting three stars on your face in black ink wouldn't take a long time, but 56 would undoubtably take longer.
2. The pain of tattooing--especially your face--would keep you awake, no matter how much she professes she fell asleep.
3. Apparently her father had a fit and her boyfriend threatened to dump her when they saw what she'd done. Suing them would be a good way to get the money to receive laser treatment.

But they really are ugly. They are too big and black to be considered nice. They just look like moles all over her face. Reference 1. Reference 2. I researched tattoos on youtube and some people are so stupid. Youtube has some weird stuff.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Anything is entertainment these days.

At the moment its 12.29am and I'm watching television. There is a program about losing your virginity "Virgin School". We've got this man who is 26 who is unable to do the deed, so to speak. So now he's getting tuition to learn. There are a lot of points contained in the program which relate to society's values, which make this young man feel pressured to have sex. Firstly, a man who hasn't lost his virginity early ie. in their teens, is considered less of a man. For women, its different. A girl who loses her virginity in her teens runs the risk of being regarded as a tart and easy. Although society is a lot more tolerant of girls who lose their virginity later -- a lot of people still hold the ideal that a woman should abstain from sex before marriage.

The young man confesses that he is frightened that his private parts are inadequate because he's got nothing to compare it to. I can't blame him. Look at the men in movies. They are mostly sex-icons, big and ripped men who know exactly what to do to entice the opposite sex. How can a small, nerdy man compare to that when they aren't considered the "perfect man"? He's runty and unremarkable, not ugly but sooo plain you'd totally over look him.

That aside, this guy is a loser--not because he's a virgin @ 26, but because he just is. His main source of income is the local paper run. This can be attributed to the fact he's always been taunted by peers and felt inadequate compared to everyone else.

He has three coaches to tutor him. First one consults him, the second teaches him how to touch and receive touch (though she doesn't have sex). And the final tutor is the one who will take his virginity. All the women are rather old forty to sixty, so safe to say they're double his age. Though they are helping the man, at the same time, they aren't. They've arranged a situation where he's guaranteed to get laid, but in real life the chips don't fall into place.

But don't worry, he managed to be deflowered. So all ends well.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Group Assignment

Okay so we are 95% finished with our group project. Hooray! But I'm freaking out about everything else.

List to do:
- Print Annual Report
- Do the Interactive
- Do the type spread for Ad Busters
- Get ready for Exhibition Dance (Oh, someone please help me!)
- Work on Sunday @ 10am

I feel physically sick that I have the exhibition dance on Friday and I can't get out of it. I'll just have to get through it and not make an arse of myself. I've got a dress, so at least that's sorted.

Monday, 8 June 2009

"The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover"

I thought this movie was pretty neat! I liked it despite the warped reality, crazy sex and cannibalism.

Directed by Peter Greenaway in 1989

- Opening is of dogs feeding. Could be seen as a metaphor for the whole structure of the story. Everyone feeds on each other figuratively and literally.
- Two trucks park in dingy back entrance of restaurant. These stay here for most of the movie. There is fish in one truck and meat in the other. Eventually the produce rots as the plot progresses, again it could be another metaphor for how the relationships between characters become more complicated and twisted.
- Georgina emerges from car totally dressed in black. She looks like she's attending a funeral.
- Albert's "cronies" drag a man out who didn't pay his restaurant bill. They abuse him, rip his clothes off him and force dog shit down is throat as well as rubbing it over his body. They totally humiliated him. After Albert leaves, man gets up and stumbles back to the kitchen where the sympathetic chef sits him in a chair and the kitchen hands hose the distressed man down.
- Kitchen in short, is depressing. It is what I'd consider miserable, desolate place for people with broken hopes and no ambitions. The area is done in washed out dull colours and there is an overwhelming feeling that the area is a prison of some sort.
- Music is provided by a young kitchen hand. He looks about ten or eleven with white blond hair that is sticking up as though he got electrocuted. His voice is a beautiful pre-pubescent tenor found in church choirs. It is creepy and lovely--haunting would be the best word to describe it.
- Health hygiene in the kitchen is horrifying (but maybe that's because my dads a health inspector). Firstly, they let the man who is covered in shit back in the kitchen, which is just asking for cross-contamination. Faeces are the main cause of salmonella. One of the chefs is shirt less and no, he isn't eye candy, he's quite fat and the sight of him makes me shudder with disgust. Albert also tosses Georgina's cigarette in chefs saucepan--ewww! Despite his piss-in-the-wind attitude he seems obsessed with making sure Georgina always washes her hands in the toilet. It's quite funny.
- The camera follows their movement from kitchen to restaurant, which shows us a huge contrast between the areas. Where the kitchen is sad and depressing the restaurant is luxurious. It is decorated in sumptuous reds with gold trimmings and oil paintings. It's very vampy. The people are also dressed like Victorian snobs with over-the-top ornamentation. The clothes are very beautiful though. The costuming was done by Jean Paul Gautier so of course they'd be stunning.
- Albert and his cronies all look high-class but their table manners are terrible. Albert considers himself quite the conoisseur of food and etiquette. In reality he's shocking. He has a low class British accent, his manners and mannerisms are disgusting and his French pronunciation is hilarious. He isn't classy at all, where as Georgina is smooth and precise yet Albert always paints her out as a seductive shrew who corrupted him.
- When Georgina leaves for the bathroom, her blood red dress changes in the rest room to white. Her liaisons occur here with the demure librarian Michael. Maybe the change of colour shows how her relationship with Albert is dark and unhappy whereas with Michael the white could indicate how she's happy and what she feels with him is true love.
- Back in the restaurant Albert tells all his companions about the diseases to be found it bathrooms. Georgina claims she's forgotten her lighter and goes back to toilet to retrieve it. This is where she meets Michael in a stall. She gives him oral sex and then they do the whole deed only to be interrupted by Albert looking for her.
- He's crude and crass, leering about how long it took her and that she must be getting herself off -- which he succinctly tells her she's not allowed to do. He also says that he can help wipe herself if she isn't able to do it properly.
- "Don't forget to wash your hands, you don't know the women who use this place" -- Albert. I thought this quote was quite appropriate for the situation because in reality Albert doesn't really know the real Georgina and has no clue about what she does in the bathroom.
- On the return back to the deviant restaurant her white dress changes back to red.
- Albert is cruel to Georgina and blames her for steering him down a corrupt path. He tends to say "...but that was before I met Georgie." The viewer also learns that he beats her and doesn't care too much about where he abuses her.
- In the kitchen Georgina's clothes always become a pretty green. This is where she meets Michael again and they have sex in the bread pantry. It's quite a disgusting idea, especially since people are going to consume that food, however it is amusing at the same time. The director deliberatly positions them to have sex in comical places to alleviate the dark cynical-ness of the rest of the movie. Still, there is tension because Georgina only has a small time allowance before Albert goes looking for her.
- Albert gives the restaurant new cutlery which are gold and match the restaurant. However, they prove to be of poor quality and the chef tells him they are no good. This is a reflection of Albert. He looks classy in his nice clothes and car but his personality and soul are poor quality and evil.
- Albert does show weakness when someone mentions why he and Georgina don't have any children. He starts off professing he doesn't need them then breaks down confessing the Georgina can't have children. He also gropes her breasts in front of everyone.
- When Georgina embarrasses Albert he hauls her through the kitchen with the intent of punishing her. He also hears the choir boy singing and drags him off too just because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Young boy witnesses Albert sexually assult Georgina. Next time we see them, Georgina has a badly bruised jaw and shoulder.
- At this point, Michael and Georgina are formally introduced after Albert saw Michael reading at dinner and claimed that dinner would give him indigestion.
- Albert fabricates a life for Michael when he doesn't find the real person satisfying. He says he's jewish because he "looks like one" an proceeds to insult jewish culture.
- He forces Georgina to talk about herself. When she doesn't he tells her wat to say and she repeats it. When he urges her to make up her own answers, she angers him by pointing out the weakness in their relationship by confessing how many miscarriages she's had and that her gynocologist says she can't have children.
- Micheal says he's a gynocologist (though he isn't) which sends Albert in a tiz. He forces Michael back to his own table. Forces Georgina back through the kitchen where he punches her. She antagonises him further and he shoves her in the car and takes her home, running over a dog in the process.
- The next day, Michael and her have sex in a closet where they keep all the dead birds that need plucking.
- While they are here, they are spotted by a woman from their table who dangles Georgina's "toilet breaks" in front of his face and implys he's too stupid and conceited to even notice she's banging some other guy.
- Furious, Albert stabs woman in cheek with a fork. Then he says he has to go bathroom where he kicks all the stalls open, drags people off the toilet and throws anything throw-able at the customers. She's no where to be found so he rampages through the restaurant and breaks things. All the while he chants "I'll kill him and then I'll eat him".
- To get away, the chef hides Georgina and Michael naked in the freezer and then transfers them into one of the meat trucks outsidel. It looks quite traumatic for the couple because they are naked amongst rotting animal carcasses. When they arrive at Michaels place they get hosed down and for once Georgina looks optomistic about life. She is still afraid that Albert will find them but she's happy to be with Michael.
- Kitchen boy brings them food and lends some books from Michaels massive collection. On the way back to the restaurant he is captured by Albert and his cronies. They interrogate him on where the couple are and Kitchen boy refuses to answer, so Albert rips the buttons off his clothes and forces boy to eat them. When he runs out of buttons Albert says "there's one more button" and proceeds to cut the boys belly button. This is when he faints.
- Albert does look at the books which are stamped with Michaels name and address.
- Georgina hears about Kitchen boy and wants to go see him. While she is away at hospital Albert and his cronies get Michael. They force book pages down his throat with a wooden spoon causing him to bleed profusely. They stuff him as if he were a turkey and eventually he suffocates. They wreak the books and leave a horrid sight for poor Georgina who is distraught.
- She copes with the pain by acting completely normal. She tucks him in bed ad sleeps beside him saying all her hopes for the next day. When none of those hopes occurs she realises that he is totally dead and there is no return for him. She cries and becomes resigned to a life without him.
- Georgina confesses to Michaels dead body that Albert would beat her. He'd make her take a hot wet towel and accompany him to the toilet. After he finish, he had a suitcase with all sorts of things. Tooth brush, wooden spoon, broken bottle, drain pipe which he'd use on her. She said he wasn't interested in sex with women or anyone for that matter. Everytime she'd leave him, te cronies would retrieve her, strip her naked and beat her.
- On return to the restaurant, she asks the chef to cook Michael. It is completely mad!
- She asks the chef to tell her about all the liasions she had with Michael who describes their sex in vivid detail. Her justification for why he must tell her this is so that she knows that everything she experienced with Michael was real.
- At first chef is reluctant and tells her that she can't keep Michael by eating him. Georgina says that's not the reason she wishes to do this. She wants to cook Michael and feed him to Albert.


That's all for now. Hopefully we'll finish the movie on Wednesday.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Boo hoo T_T

I'm writing a post because I don't want to do any work. I'm sooo tired and it took all my effort to tumble from my warm cozy cocoon (bed). What's worse is my hands -- especially the right one -- has numerous bloodless cuts because I used a pile of Jiff yesterday at work. It huurrrttsss!!! They're even up my fingers.
And just to finish up my moan session, I've caught ANOTHER cold.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Undercover Dance Party

As promised...the video from Savannah's birthday party. I've had people nagging at me to get it done and it took the whole day. Unfortunately, youtube disabled the audio because of copyright issues--I half expected that though. I chose Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" and it was good with the video but can't do much about it. It proves to me how people are cracking down on illegal usage of their products. But its done...hooray! That's one less thing to do.

It was interesting how people reacted to us when we walked down the street in our dress up. Some people were friendly and genuinely curious and some people avoided us, as if we had the "weirdo" plague. Other young idiots did try to intimidate and wreck our fun but they were sent off by a bystander. Kudos to them!!!

I want to do it again.

To do list:
- Interactive
- Annual Report
- Work at 10am
- Double page spread for type
- Photoshop pregnancy photos
- Second illustration

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Group Project

List of everything we need for project

Context matters
Samantha -- Cowboy boots
- Jean skirt/shirt
- Camisole
- Apple Juice
Lily -- Baggy pants
- Sport shirt
Shiona -- White mini
- White Socks
- Cutsie top
- Ballet Flats
House wife - Demure skirt
- Demure top

Extras: - Cigarette
- Wooden spoon

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Directed by Brian Dannelly

Protagonist: Mary
Antagonist: Hilary Faye

Opening quote which gives the viewer an idea of what type of person Mary is: "I've been born again my whole life. Accepting Jesus into you heart and getting saved is a big decision -- Especially for a three year old. My father taught me that everything is a part of Gods plan. Mom said He even had a reason for taking my father to heaven. She explained daddy is with the angels. I wanted to be with the angels too but God had a different plan..."

Mary is the American girl next door in a highly religious community. What the community deems immoral and unacceptable becomes apparent as the movie progresses. She and her friends are anti-abortion and anti-gay. Christianity is the main motif and they've got religious propaganda all over the place. Her mother received the award as "Best Christian Decorator" which seems quite crazy.

While in the pool playing a confessional game in the pool, her boyfriend admits that he's gay and Mary has a vision. She has to save Dean from being immoral. When Mary researches the word "gay" on the internet, a bondage YMCA-like website comes up horrifying her and further consolidating the idea that she has to "save" him. Her solution is to have sex with him because it's the "direct approach". They have sex and the boyfriend does not protest as he was already horny from reading gay porn. Shortly afterward he is sent to a boarding school to reform him.

The movie plays to stereotypes--anyone who is not Christian is condemned etc. Dean is labeled a fagot and the Jewish girl is rumored to be a stripper and constantly hounded to recant her evil ways. Mary used to be like this, trying to save everyone, but as her pregnancy progresses she questioned the merits of a God who is so judgmental. She did not realise she was pregnant for months because the Christian school were only forced to do Sex Ed classes after she did the deed. She figured it out by watching television and got a pregnancy test which proved to be positive. While biking home with the test she chants "please let it be cancer" which goes to show how bad it would be if she were pregnant. At first she is angry and tries to find another explanation. Eventually she begins to accept the truth and realises that the labels everyone puts on a person is incorrect. Just because she had sex once did not make her loose or a slut like people assumed, it was just a fact of life.

With pregnancy Mary's character becomes more accepting of other people in society. She's always been dealt the upper hand. Her family and friends also become more aware that life doesn't go as God preaches, therefore they should understand a persons situation and not try to change or condemn them.

Mary hides most of her gestation, which indicates that it is an object of shame and she's afraid someone will notice. However, she doesn't have an abortion and remains optimistic about the baby. She is quite clueless, but I feel that she is willing to learn and will make an excellent mother.