Monday, 4 May 2009

Wie gehts es dir?

Yesterday was an EVIL day -- actually I'm just being a drama queen, but it was still pretty hard. I went to UCOL and had Production (which was okay) and Computer Practical (which was not okay) and when I finally finished at four I was ecstatic. Until I found notes from dad saying "Iona has German tonight!" I almost howled in pain of losing my evening.

So after dinner I went dancing and straight after hauled my arse down to UCOL to meet the German tutor. She's really nice but I was feeling pretty crap so I couldn't enjoy the lesson. Every minute seemed to drag on forever. Does anyone realise how class rooms always have a clock at the front and -- no matter where you go -- clones are all over the place, taunting you with the time until class is finished. Yeah, I reckon is an unspoken rule in institutions.

And bloody hell! I have to do this process for the next EIGHT WEEKS!!!


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