Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Odd spot

I was looking around on the net, speculating how weird the whole world is when I found New Zealand right in with it. A Kiwi-shaped Feijoa was sold on Trademe for $1000...if trademe hadn't existed that fruit would've either been eaten or rotted away. It's not even a rare fruit anyway! I've heard people begging for someone to pick all the excess fruit off their trees (link here). Also, if you get transported to 1930 Berlin it's okay! I have Einstein's phone number so you can crash on his couch. Just phone 2807. I'm not kidding. (link here)
" has posted copies of German telephone books from 1915 to 1981 - including Albert Einstein's phone number while he was a university professor in Berlin."

Afghanistan has quarantined its only pig due to swine flu fears. I doubt the poor thing is suffering from anything except from loneliness (link here).

Gosh I love the odd spot.
Reference: 3 News

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