Wednesday, 6 May 2009

NZ -- an abusive country?

Okay, my newest hate is turning on the news because all I ever see is another animal killed, some child beaten up etc. Yesterday I was horrified to see that some kids sawed off a back paw of two kittens. They're only eight weeks old!!! They injuries were so bad that vets have had to amputate the whole legs. And the kids who did it laughed and said their paws had "fallen off". God! If I were their parents I'd be so ashamed. Who can hurt these sweet creatures?

Murders usually start small by abusing animals...looks like we've got a new generation of fuck-ups, but what can we do? While they're children no punishment can be dealt, we can't even hit them in return because Sue Bradford would throw a fit. The lack of adequate punishment for children has caused the increase of violence, after all they don't fear anything because they live under protection of being under age. In the mean time, the government will waste tax-payers money to fund their court fees, pissing off students like myself who get no student allowance and has to work her arse off. Send 'em to Boot Camp! Oh wait, the opposition don't like that idea so they'll waste more money debating the point.

But back to the point, I checked other abuse cases and saw that a few weeks ago, some losers tied a goat to the back of their car and made her run until she no longer could and then continued to drag her a few kilometers. Then a guy beat his girlfriends dog up with a metal pole and then strangled him. The most horrid thing is that three teens blew a sheep's jaw off with fireworks.

On a lighter note, I was searching the news and came across David Banes trial. It's all very interesting and I feel sorry for David Bane as everyone in the country knows about his dirty laundry. I found an random article about how he designed the jersey he wore after he was apprehended in 1994. He had his mum make it for him. Maybe if he gets free, he could start is own fashion range. You never know--the media coverage of his case might help promote his product.

Kitten photo: TVNZ "Kittens' paws sawn off in act of animal abuse"

David Bane photo: "Bain Jersey 'his own design'"

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