Saturday, 16 May 2009

I'm totally pooped

Okay, so I honestly woke up this morning thinking this would be a shit day because I no longer have control on my life anymore. But I was wrong. Today was my lil sis's B-day party and she had a Masked party where you try to obscure your identity. In other words dress up. I dolled myself up as a green fairy minus the wings. I was AMAZED by what people came up with for their costumes. Who'd have thought! Anyway, we took my ipod and dock with us and played a range of music (retro and modern) as loud as we could down Vic Ave. The looks we got were Classic! It was fab! I want to do it again. We froze outside the Orange for about three minutes making pedestrians really confused. From there we went to Trafelgar square and froze outside the lotto shop and then at the warehouse. People gathered in crowds to watch us. Then we marched back up the Ave and pigged out on candy/pizza/cake and they played some party games while I poked through all the nifty presents she got. It was awesome. Stef followed us with a video camera and taped the whole thing so we're going to make a movie and post it on youtube. I'll put the link here when we've finished going through it. 

Unfortunately I'll probably regret it Monday. I tried to do as much work before this even but there's just so much. And tomorrow I have work at 9am...Iona you need to get this done asap!

Annual Report concept outline
Letter head
Typography -- Embellishment
Media diary
Interactive storyboard

No need to panic................

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