Saturday, 30 May 2009


Group members: Iona, Lily, Samantha & Shiona

These ideas were discussed last Wednesday and Thursday (27-28 May) @ our media group meeting.

Our topics are aimed to be a social experiment. Initial ideas:
- Dress up as opposites of ourselves and see the reaction people have to our appearances.
- Everyone wears the same uniform as a base and then it is further customized depending on their style. For example, someone could wear it provocatively or sensibly.
- Dress as social outcasts. Eg. Punks or freaks.
- Maybe a miming act. Perhaps posters that say SPOT ME with an image of a person to spot and the reward of something if someone comes up and says they've found us.

We want to use the media to get attention. We can use all sorts of media -- Youtube, Newspapers, blogs, radio.
Youtube means we could get international responses.

PREGNANCY Experiment

Different mothering stereotypes which are up to interpretation. Can either do videos, photos.

Researching mothering stereotypes
Look at different movies involving women who are pregnant/mothers. 
Potential movies to explore:
- Rosemary's Baby
- Baby Mama
- Saved!
- Juno
- Where the heart is

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ethan said...

I would stay away from the Juno stereotype if I were you! :)
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