Thursday, 30 April 2009

Long time no talk

I haven't updated in FOREVER. What's the haps? Nothing really. Back at Ucol, trying to finish all the work and trying to plan out my story. I really want to write it, but I'm STILL stuck in the planning stage. Urgg! I'm too lazy

Goals for this weekend
1. Finish my research assignment
2. Get my cd cover assignment organised
3. Make sure typography is up to date
4. Maybe go to The Market and see if any of those ammunition boxes are for sale....(Maybe?)
5. Go to work

On a funny note! (1.00 pm edit), we were in class critiquing Lily's work. She'd chosen Flight of the Concords to do her cd design for. The images used are these awesome pornographic drawings she did herself and they are so beautiful. Anyway, the tutor showed another tutor who was giving a Priest a tour of UCOL!!!! Of all people she could've been showing around it had to be a priest!