Monday, 16 February 2009

Back to Reality

So, back from Germany and now back at Uni. Sigh. Never mind -- it is actually nice to be back where I belong.

Germany was AMAZING. Everyone is so nice, the food is awesome and the culture is really interesting. I will post photos once I finished sorting through all the SD cards and photoshopping them a little. I am glad to be back and speaking English -- most of the time I felt pretty stupid because I couldn't say much. Mum wasn't useful in teaching me as she only taught me sentences that were rude and out of context. Eg. "Oust dem arsche geflogen", which means "flew out the arse". I have three photos for now at the bottom of this entry.

Back at school, we've received our first assignment with no screwing around. God! I love being a second year! I know this is going to be a good year!