Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Two days left

Losing steam rapidly. Only two days until we finish. Urg! So much to do, so little time. Brain dead!!! Below is what I'm handing in tomorrow for our "Remastered" project. The brief specified we had to take a classic piece of art and create a typographic piece in response. I chose Lady Lilith.

We had to mount both these pieces on card and holy moly {insert swearing here} that was hard. It became despairing towards the end. Got it done though. Also, I went to H&A printing and got them to print my invitation on different types of paper. First I got it on gittery vellum, then vellum imprinted with roses and finally acetate. The best was the roses. It looks soooo

Side one and two here.

And here's the invitation file. Note! It's not on the cool paper.

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Sammy said...

Hey man. That was great work. Your invo looks fantastic on that paper.

Lily wrote a really angry blog. I'm sorry I let u down, but if you're ever having a problem with the amount of work I'm doing just tell me instead of keeping quiet. That way I don't feel even more guilty...

You guys wont be marked down coz of me, and I've admitted in my appraisal that you guys did more work. Sorry for missing all those photography sessions.

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