Sunday, 31 August 2008


So, today is a busy one. Got my Print Sampler due for production as well as my "Pet" for Computer practical. The aim of the print sampler was to find 22 different types of print. Not easy. Then we have to present them in an innovative way. My print sampler is inspired by enameled jewelery boxes. The files were made on Illustrator then saved as a PDF file. I then took it to the print shop and had them print it on sheets of iridescent white paper at 280 gsm. At the bottom is my creature: Cynthia. The aim to create our pet was to scan (not photo) three dimensional objects and carefully process them--good craft is 70% of the assignment.


Sammy said...

Good job!!! Your stuff looks amazing. Good luck for your mark!

Sammy said...

Yeah... I know what you mean. It's so, so, so depressing.

James is a Labour supporter. We had a stupid debate the other day... *le sigh*

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

Oni said...

I'm not 100% clear on the question. As far as I understand, you would like to link your site with mine? That would be totally possible.