Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The framed pictures!

We got the images back from the framer! They look amazing though these photos don't do any justice because Stefanie didn't really want to take my picture. We'll take them to the Sarjeant tomorrow, though I still can't decide whether to let the gallery sell them (that's if I got through and if anyone wanted them) because they want a 25% commission, which is fair enough, but with the entry fee as well ($20 a piece) and all the other costs in getting the photos prepared its unlikely I'd get my money back. Which reminds me...yesterday my eftpos declined. It was really embarrassing, thankfully Stef was with me and paid for my purchases. I'll keep thinking it over.

The images are A3 square behind a pink border and white frame. They look ten times better in real life.


stef said...

Your pictures look really good! That lady did a superb job! I'm so going back to her. Anyway when you told me to take those photographs you didn't say you wanted them to be great. You just said "take my photograph" and I asked "do you want to be in the photograph with your picture" and you said you didn't care so it wasn't my fault they look bad, its yours!

It has been one hell of a hectic day though getting all the photographs into the Sarjeant art gallery. I feel like a taxi driver and my petrol level is a quarter of a tank! Aaarggg it cost ME $80 to fill last time and I paid for it all by myself and have nothing to show for it!

Oni said...

Yeah well, life sux.

Sammy said...

well I think they're faaaantastic. full stop.
Even in the crappy stef-taken photos they're great.

Have a great weekend - come over with stef and watch movies with us if u want, we have a few