Sunday, 31 August 2008


So, today is a busy one. Got my Print Sampler due for production as well as my "Pet" for Computer practical. The aim of the print sampler was to find 22 different types of print. Not easy. Then we have to present them in an innovative way. My print sampler is inspired by enameled jewelery boxes. The files were made on Illustrator then saved as a PDF file. I then took it to the print shop and had them print it on sheets of iridescent white paper at 280 gsm. At the bottom is my creature: Cynthia. The aim to create our pet was to scan (not photo) three dimensional objects and carefully process them--good craft is 70% of the assignment.

Friday, 29 August 2008


I got my Basic Design work back yesterday. I got an A! Whoo hoo.

Bring on the next assignment!

Here's a few sample pages:

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The framed pictures!

We got the images back from the framer! They look amazing though these photos don't do any justice because Stefanie didn't really want to take my picture. We'll take them to the Sarjeant tomorrow, though I still can't decide whether to let the gallery sell them (that's if I got through and if anyone wanted them) because they want a 25% commission, which is fair enough, but with the entry fee as well ($20 a piece) and all the other costs in getting the photos prepared its unlikely I'd get my money back. Which reminds me...yesterday my eftpos declined. It was really embarrassing, thankfully Stef was with me and paid for my purchases. I'll keep thinking it over.

The images are A3 square behind a pink border and white frame. They look ten times better in real life.

Sunday, 24 August 2008


My first time on blogspot and I'm converted! Way easier to use then livejournal. I just used a lot of time customizing the place instead of doing homework. It was heaps of fun! The images are part of my new photography project.

My artist model is Boyd Webb, who uses a lot of juxtapositions in his work. So I decided to contrast the simplicity and softness of marshmallows to surgical equipment. Cost me about $15.00 to get enough marshmallows to fill that jar--had to cellotape it closed to stop Stef and Van from eating them. Dad just about had an aneurysm when he saw the jar. The pictures were taken with a Nikon D-80 camera with a remote, so those are my hands in there ^_^. There is a small amount of photoshopping. I removed the cabinet lines and desaturated the background so it's less dominating.

There is an art competition at the Sarjeant Art Gallery this Wednesday, so we've decided to enter some photos. The maximum is two pieces, so I went and got my favorites printed and they're at the framers. They told us a really late (which is really annoying), so it was a mad dash on Friday to get the work ready. It cost $80.00 for the Kodak shop to print two photos in A3 size, then a further $151.00 to get them framed. I'm so excited though! I paid for it all by myself! Mum was proud of us too, though my pictures "creep her out".

The print out is high-gloss and good quality. The image will be in a white frame and the picture itself will be mounted on a pink background. Hopefully it'll be something really striking. The framer was awesome. It normally takes her 14 days to order the equipment and make it, but she's going to bust her gut over the weekend. Oh! And she gave us a 10% discount!

Stef's also entering. Her images are Man Ray styled, with Savannah floating in the bath wearing a Gothic dress. They look amazing, but dad doesn't like them. Can't please everyone. Hopefully we'll get selected for at least the gallery showing! I'll take a photo when I get them back from the framers.

Also there's a fashion show in town next week or so. It's "Underground" and we've all entered. Savannah has made a dress, Stef is entering her couture "Moth Ball Gown" and I've got an entry for the wearable arts section. Lets hope for the best! Should be heaps of fun.